Questions & Answers

Hey Guys and Gals :-)

Your friendly niegbour hood susherman here (for those that don't know I'm basically one of our web bouncers :-) )

So. below are some of the questions we get asked.. Allot. 

1.      How do I order

All currently available products are on our website which is you can order by selecting the product that you want and adding it to your cart and then making payment via paypal or bank transfer. If your order involves an oyster opening then your opening will usually be on the next live night which is Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays (other than open at home options)


2.      How can I pay

You can pay via paypal, we are working to setup a card system but this is easier said than done, also orders via BACS are no longer accepted.


3.      Payment plans

Payment plans are available for orders of multiple items, orders will not be actioned until the full payment has been received but stock will be held for you until the full payment has been received, or the time limit of the plan expires. If you’re interested in this option then please email make sure you put the subject as payment plan


4.      Do you ship international

International shipping is available for all products, please check the import and customs laws of your needed country.


5.      How do I change currency

To change the currency you will need to use the dropdown box which is on the top left of the website


6.      The item I want isn’t on your site anymore

The website only shows items that are currently in stock, if the item you’re interested in is not on the website then please keep visiting the site or ask on one of the lives and we will let you know if and when it may be coming back in :-)


7.      My order hasn’t arrived yet

All orders are given various lead times, dependant on the time of year. The lead time starts from when you're opening has been complete and we have received all of the information that we need from you :-), this date is for shipment, acctual delivery can vary by country but we send via royal mail


8.      I have a broken / faulty item

All warranty claims must be submitted via email to please use the below format and put the subject as Warranty


Order number

Billing and Delivery name if different

Order date

Item that has a problem

What the problem is


Each item has a different warranty period and rules, we do not cover wear and tear or damage that you have caused, also please check that your body does not react adversely to the materials in the product(s) as we cannot be held responsible to allergic reactions.


9.      Loyalty cards

Every order which includes jewellry will get a loyalty card and sticker, once you have filled your lotalty card with stickers you need to write over the stickers and card with your name and the date at the time or filling and then send and image of this to we will then reply within 48 hours (mon-fri) with when your opening will be :-)


10.  Scratch cards

Orders that are over the value of £40.00 (not including postage or gift boxes) will be sent a scratch card with the order, scratch cards have various prizes ranging from free postage to money off and potentially free products on your next order. Same as the loyalty card you must write across the whole card with your full name and the date at the time of scratching it off and then send an image of this to we will then reply within 48 hours (mon-fri) with how to redeem your prize  :-)


11.  I have a question or need help, what’s the best way to contact us.

We feel that PWB has becomes more of a community than anything else, if you have a general question we invite you to post it on a live, in the group or in the chat group (details about this are available on the PWB group page) if it is more personal or about an order then please email we will then reply within 48 hours (mon-fri)


12.  I haven’t had a reply to my email yet

As you can probably guess we get alot of emails, all emails follow a set reply period which is we will reply within 48 hours (mon-fri)  our emails do also group so if you email us on a monday and then again on a tuesday and we havent responded to monday yet, your email will group in the tuesday emails and the 48 hours will start for then, please be patient, we will reply as soon as we can.


13.  What are we watching

PWB is a community and a jewellry business we sell 925 stamped sterling silver jewellery.. and most products you can purchase from the website come with an oyster opening live which includes a pearl or pearls that then gets set on or in the jewellery. Or you can also get a opening on its own. All currently available products are on the website :-)


14.  Are these real pearls / how do we get the colours that we do

Yes the pearls are real, the pearls we stock are currently fresh water cultured pearls however we are adding options for different types of pearls as different products on the website, as for the coloured pearls these are the fresh water cultured pearls but they are dyed.


15.  Shells, to keep or donate?

For people that order oysters to open on the live you will be given the option of keep or donate for your shells, keep means that we send them to you, to do with as you see fit (they make beautiful decorations) if you chose to donate them they are passed onto breckons mother who cleans them and takes them into the nursery that she works at for the children to use in learning and development activities.


16.  Why does everyone comment Shusher on the lives

Shusher is like the bat signal to batman, by calling shusher we are signalling the shusher (our name for the admin) that someone is being offensive, rude or generally causing offence. The admin then blocks at his discretion if he feels the person or people are affecting the live for the other customers.


17.  What happens if my comment is missed

If you’ve been on one of our lives we do get allot of comments, we do endeavour to reply when we see the comment and our lovely community will also help with replying where possible but if you are missed please don't take offence, please either comment on the group page or email us, if you have something you need to ask :-)


18.  The live feed isn’t working (black screen / frozen image e.t.c)

This is a comment facebook issue, if this happens please follow the below


Phones/tablets- please close all apps including facebook and then reopen facebook and try to connect, if this doesn't fix it then try going into flight mode with all apps closed and then off of flight mode, this will cause your internet connection to re-establish, if again this doesn’t fix it then you will need to use your own judgement, many people have found different resolutions but we cannot and will not recommend them as they can involve changes to your device


Computers - as above, close facebook reopen it, and if that doesnt work restart your internet.


19.  Why do dark pearls go into dark sand and Light into light

Dark pearls go into dark sand as the white sand is too bright for it and swallows the colour of the pearl As above dark sand swallows the colour of the light pearls so light pearls go into light sand.

20. If you have any additional information for the order i.e:

Mystery Person - a gift for somebody.
Sent to a different address
Size of the cord
Colour of the pearl you would like ready made.
Open at home oysters

Please leave it in the additional comments on the order form, which you will see before you checkout on the website. I will see this and understand this, and will read it before i get to your email.

21. With all cage pendants, in the cage pendant section - the pearls can be changed around. So if you have a cage pendant, you have have different pearls at home to swap in and out of your necklace. 

22. Adjustable Rings

The rings will say on the description if they are adjustable or not. What it means to be adjustable is, they are adjustable to one size. Once you reievce your ring if you correct the size to fit one finger. Once that finger is chosen you can not then change the ring size to fit another finger. So the rings are adjustable to one size.

23. Shells

What happens is the shells get put with the orders and they normally do go together. Once the order starts to be processed there can be different stages to the order which means the order goes into different areAs. 

Sometimes the shells can not be moved with the order. If this happens I find it easier to send the shell onto you, as it saves on space my end. It can be very time consuming finding the order once in the process.

So I send the shells as they all have names on so that you still get all of your order, even if they jewellery is coming second.

I hope this makes sense.

Just with the system I have it works out better this way if they shells get separated x